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We currently have over 60 vendors in our antique and artisan marketplace. For details and many photos please visit our Facebook page Target Bluff German Haus Shops or email targetbluffshops@gmail.com with questions.

Here is a little info about Target Bluff German Haus Shops Antique and Artisan Marketplace…

Our goal is to be a unique shopping and dining experience featuring a restaurant and over 60 vendors in the Shops.

We are located in Camp Douglas at exit 55 near Volk Field Airbase.

If you have a chance please stop by and see what we are all about. We work with our vendors to showcase their products for a reasonable cost. ($35/month and up depending on size and no commission fees) We invite them to display their business cards and contact information to encourage sales and custom orders if they desire.

Please feel free to call, email or stop in anytime, and if you would like a personal tour please let me know before your visit and I’ll make sure to set aside the time…it can get pretty busy here and difficult to carry on a conversation. Good things! Lol

Thanks, Janet & Steve
or look us up on Facebook

Target Bluff Vendor Contract

2-2020 (subject to changes)

Target Bluff German Haus Shops    
208 Hwy 12/16 Camp Douglas WI 54618      I-90/94 Exit #55  
Antiques – Artisan Market – Gifts – Décor – Restaurant & more
PH. 608-487-4674       targetbluffshops@gmail.com

Why Choose Target Bluff German Haus Shops?

  • Large vendor base and items types lead to more exposure – power of numbers
  • Great visibility and access from  I 90/94 and US Hwy 12/16
  • Onsite restaurant increases clientele
  • Volk Field Airforce Base and Camp Williams National Guard Base right across the highway
  • Breathtaking castle rock formations & old country charm of our building make it a memorable stop.
  • Affordable retail spaces in many sizes starting at $15/shelf up to $2/square foot booths
  • No commission fees & space rental can be used as a tax write-off
  • Sales tax will be collected and paid by Target Bluff  Shops
  • Display racks and shelving are available to lease
  • Year-round sales outlet with no work commitment
  • We encourage and help facilitate custom orders for you
  • We offer an online presence and sales for your items

And it is a wonderful dining & shopping destination for travelers!

Distance to:

Madison, WI: 91 miles

Milwaukee, WI: 159 miles

Chicago, IL: 226 miles

La Crosse, WI: 58 miles

Minneapolis, WI: 183 miles

Volk Field Air National Guard Base & Camp Williams National Guard Museum: just across the interstate

What our vendors need to know:   Rental Agreement Information:

Vendors will maintain their booth at least 1 day each month

  • Why? Having a vendor presence will help guide our shop and serve as eyes and ears on the sales floor. This creates continuity and customer service while keeping the cost of our overhead down and prices of our booth spaces competitive. You will be encouraged to assist with sales and general questions as they arise. A lead cashier will be staffed at all times – this does not mean you have to staff the store.


Booth/shelf prices will vary depending on size and location within the building to be determined by managers.

  • It is our goal to have a majority of the building full of product and not all spaces will be front and center.
  • We offer various size booths as well as shelves and showcases. If you like a space that is currently unavailable you can place your name on a waiting list with the space specified. Final placement will be at manager’s discretion.

You will pay a space fee plus 4% on credit/debit card transactions:

  • Credit/debit fees are charged by processing companies and will stay in line with their pricing.

Sales Tax: 5.5%

  • Will be collected and paid by Target Bluff Shops
  • Each vendor will be responsible for their own income taxes
  • Target Bluff Shops Sales Tax number is not to be used by vendors for their personal use.

Customer discounts and Individual Vendor Sales:

  • Standard discount when asked by a customer will be to offer 10% on items priced over $20. Items under twenty will not be discounted. Please build these fees into your pricing and we prefer you do not mark your items firm as that is perceived negatively by the consumer.
  • All vendors will have the opportunity to choose their preferences on our discount allowance form when they sign their contract.
  • Vendors may not run sales for more than one pay period (1 month) Continuous sales are not permitted
  • All sales must go through the cash register and any transaction that does not will violate this lease agreement and serve as cause to terminate it.
  • Any sales that were discounted above or beyond the usual 10%
    • Cashier will refer to vendors Discount Allowance Form
    • will be documented in the sales book
    • documented if vendor was contacted with the date and time of call, customer name, and phone
  • Vendors working on the floor who “strike a deal” are required to present the agreement to the cashier and initial the tag.

Lost & Found:

Misplaced and untagged items will be kept in a bin at the register – it your responsibility to check this bin each month.


Vendor agrees not to hold Target Bluff Shops and God’s Country Rentals, their management or owners responsible for:

  •  any merchandise lost, stolen, or damaged, fire or any other acts of damage
  • any injuries while on the Target Bluff property


The space rental contract is 6 months long and the first and last month’s rent will be paid prior to move-in. Rent will be prorated for those moving in mid-month. All rental fees (space/shelving/electric) will be paid by the first of each month.

Pay Period:

  • Pay periods will close at the end of business on the last operating day of the month.
  • Our vendors will be paid monthly, by the 7th of the following month
  • Checks may be picked up in person, mailed via USPS
    • (please provide self-addressed stamped envelope large enough for 3 sheets of paper)

Exit Plan:

Target Bluff Shops or Vendors must give a 30 day written notice on or before the first of the month, if choosing to terminate the lease. Any partial months will be considered as a full month’s rent due. Last month’s rent will not be returned if you move out prior to the end of your allotted time. You may not remove any merchandise from your space until all rent is paid in full. After 15 days of past due rent the vendor will forfeit all merchandise to Target Bluff Shops.

Vendors will:

  • conduct all business at their own risk
  • not sublet or share their space with any other vendor without permission from Target Bluff Shops owners
  • stay within their own space and assigned area
  • keep their own income tax records and reporting
  • be responsible for theft and accidents within their allotted space and be aware that we cannot by law charge customers for breakage
  • keep their space orderly and leave enough room to pass through it easily.
  • keep all cases secure

Our merchandise:

  • All merchandise must be clean, sellable, and in good condition.
    • Why? We will be sharing space with consumable items and a restaurant; therefore maintaining an appealing atmosphere is beneficial to everyone.
  • Will be clearly marked with a brief description and vendor tag with vendor ID.
    • Price written in black or highlighted – description and vendor # in other color
    • Tags will be attached in a way to be easily removed – if not you will not receive your tags back and the register receipt will serve as your proof of sale.
    • Crossed out prices will not be allowed to protect our vendors – please replace with new reduced tags.
    • If an item has multiple pieces the individual pieces will be marked as a set

Target Bluff Shops will not accept, and has the right to prohibit sale of or confiscate:

  • Pornography, weapons, drug paraphernalia, stolen merchandise, live animals, and reptiles or other items deemed unacceptable for any reason.
  • Clothing/bedding and textile items must be inspected and approved by management and will be removed if not within acceptable appearance.

Vendor Identification:

  • Only people specified in the vendor contract will be allowed to pick up vendor checks and/or merchandise

Social Media

  • Signing this contract signifies that you agree to let Target Bluff Shops post photograph and video of you and your items on social media


  • Target Bluff Shops is responsible for maintenance of the restrooms, hallways, aisles and other common areas of the marketplace. Each vendor must maintain an orderly booth /clean space and keep glass dusted.

Space Price Breakdown:

(subject to change as we move into next phases)

Booth$2/foot and upPrices may be adjusted by location at managers discretion
Shelf18x18x7ft tall$35 / standard with as many glass shelves as needed
Shelf24x24x7ft tall$40 / standard with as many glass shelves as needed
Gondola36x18x5ft tall$50 / slat wall – hooks & shelves available on first come basis

Booth Additional Item Price Breakdown Guide:

(subject to change as we move into next phases)

Shelf – 18” x 18” x 7 ft tall$5 
Shelf – 24”x24” x 7 ft tall$5 
Electric – flat fee$5 
Clothing Rack T shape$5 
Clothing Rack Round$5 
Slat Wall/Peg Board Assortment$510 fasteners

Please sign and return to acknowledge that you have read this and understand it.

If you have any questions or would like something explained in more detail please ask Steve or Janet. A copy of this document will be kept in your file for future reference and updated as changes are made.       Thank You!

__________________________     _________       __________

Name                                                       Dealer #            Date

* The details/price/rental fees of this contract are subject to change.

Dealer Information             Vendor # _______________

Name__________________________________            Phone__________________________

Business Name __________________________                   Email___________________________

Home Address:_______________________________________________________________

City ________________________ State_______ Zip__________ Start Date_______________

*I would like to be added to the Facebook Vendor Messaging Group

User Name___________________________________________

Individuals allowed to make business decisions and/or pick up checks & merchandise


Spaces Rented:


Additional Information/Notes:


Target Bluff Dealer Discount Allowance Form

This form must be returned at the time of space rental so we know how to handle discounts on your merchandise. Answering the additional questions on the form will enable the front counter to be better prepared to accept, deny or make counter offers in the instance we are extremely busy or unable to reach you by phone.

Dealer Name: ________________________________Booth/Shelf Space #_______________

_____1. I agree to be included in any house- wide sale events which offer up to a 15% discount to customers.

In the event of an offer at a time that I cannot be reached please do the following:

_____ I do not wish to authorize any discount above 10% unless I am reached

                *** House policy allows for potential 10% cash or check discount on any merchandise at $20 or above

_____ I authorize a discount of up to 15 % with cash or check payment on any merchandise unless marked firm or already on sale.

_____ I authorize a discount of up to 20% with cash or check payment on any merchandise unless marked firm or already on sale.

_____ I authorize a discount of up to 25% with cash or check payment on any merchandise unless marked firm or already on sale.

_____ I authorize a discount of up to 30% with cash or check payment on any merchandise unless marked firm or already on sale.

_____ I authorize a discount of 15% with cash or check payment on any merchandise when requested by an “in-house” dealer.

Signed ________________________________________________Date_________________

For Target Bluff Shops use only: __________   Date___________   Initials _______________

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